The Treasures of Darkness

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A wonderful book is a well decorated coffin that preserves the meaning of undying words. This long-awaited and highly anticipated book release is my funeral, to which you are all gladly invited.

The ceremonious occasion signals the death of Death within us, to spark the redemption of Promise and the timely resurrection of Life.

From a tiny aperture in a far flung corner of the Milky Way galaxy comes a scorching spectrum of light. Within this light are the varied colors of vanity, passion, pride, vigor, audacity, beauty, innocence, and uninhibited force.

It brings me great pleasure to share with you the luminous "TREASURES OF DARKNESS."



"I finished the book last week. It's a masterpiece. I'm buying a second copy for a friend of mine who is a painter."

"I got the book in the mail on Monday and I want to apologize for sleeping on your writing. The first chapter has blown my mind. I can't wait to get further into the book."

"This is EXCELLENT. I'll be buying everything you write from now on."

"You are truly amazing. I talk about how good your book is to people everyday. I just ordered a second copy for a friend."

"Adika is a master, and has the ability to teach the temperment of his times" - Bro. A.A. Rashid

"Brother, you have no idea. Your work has totally destroyed everything I thought I knew. This really does open the third eye. This is (pregnant pause) I can't even tell you." --Long Distance phone call from a stranger in France