The Black Bottom Cheesecake: Erotic Tales from the Edge of Forever (ebook)

Image of The Black Bottom Cheesecake: Erotic Tales from the Edge of Forever (ebook)

Adika Butler is an award-winning writer whose sexy, acrobatic wordplay has captivated readers for nearly two decades. The Black Bottom Cheesecake ebook is undoubtedly his sweetest offering to date.

Adika's brand of Erotic Surrealism is delivered in a lyrical stream of consciousness format that entices the reader, as they embark on a vivid and blissful journey beyond the outskirts of consensus reality.

This collection of short stories primarily revolves around Muley Ishmyell, a stoic sultan of sensuality who traverses the astral plane and materializes within our otherwise bland world for all manner of fun and play. Ishmyell typically finds himself in the creamiest spaces and places that a darting and robust mind could ever hope to penetrate.

The Black Bottom Cheescake is a decadent slice of paradise that speaks to insatiable pleasure seekers hungry for finesse, power, and poetry. Adika's fictional offering is a late-night delight that is best served hot.


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